Best Lap Desks Reviews

Best Lap Desks Reviews

MavoCraft Folding Lap Desk
Multi-purpose use
Extra storage space under the desk top
Space-saving folds flat
Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk
Bonus mouse pad & storage
Built to last
100% satisfaction guaranteed
LapGear Clipboard Lap Desk
Fits up to 17 inch laptops
Dual-bolster pillows conform to your lap, providing comfort and stability
Extra large work surface for any task

Best lap desks

While working in bed is not recommended, you sometimes have no choice. Whether you are sick and you need to work, or maybe you just want to lie in bed while you write on your laptop, you need a lap desk. It is far more convenient than holding your laptop directly on your lap. At the same time, it is best for you and your laptop to have a flat surface on your lap. At least you avoid the heat. It is uncomfortable for you and damaging for your laptop.

A lap desk is a small piece of furniture that is designed to help you get some things done while you are in bed. Whether you are working on your laptop, drawing, or reading, having a lap desk is better than having nothing on your lap. Researchers advise that you always work on your desk because working in bed is not good for your posture. Your wrists, as well as your neck,  can suffer from long time exposure. However, the same studies show that a lap desk is less damaging than using the laptop directly on your lap, so if you absolutely have to, a lap desk is recommended.

The benefits of a lap desk

A lap desk is not very expensive, and it is definitely worth the expense considering how many benefits you can enjoy. While some of you may argue that using a laptop on your lap in bed is good enough, a lad desk will improve your experience. Here is why a lap desk is recommended:

  • You will have better posture – as I said above, working in bed is not exactly good for your posture, but if you need to get some work done while you are sick, for example, having a lap desk is better than not having one. That is because the head tilt will have a lower value, and so is your wrist extension. If you do this rarely, you will not notice any adverse effects, but if this is a habit, then you need to invest in the best lap desk you can find. Otherwise, you risk damaging your posture.
  • You can be better organized – many lap desks come with compartments in which you can store several items such as pens, notebooks, and many more. Instead of losing them between the sheets, you will have a useful space where to put them all. Take it from someone who has been there, it can save you from having to get a new pair of glasses.
  • You will not get an overheated lap – maybe your laptops are squeaky clean inside, but mine is full of dust most of the times. It means that it overheats to a point in which it shuts itself down. However, before the automatic shutdown, the laptop gets very hot, and my lap looks like a lobster. Especially if I do not have a blanket on. Spare yourself the trouble and get a lap desk. Your thighs will thank you.
  • It keeps the laptop safe – overheating is not a problem only when the radiator is full of dust. If you place your laptop on a large comforter, it will cover the grill that protects the cooler. As a result, the CPU will not get the cooling effect it needs to keep running. That is not something you must let happen. It can overheat and damage the CPU to a point in which it just bursts. Not into flames, but you need to replace it.
  • It is versatile – just because most people use lap desk when they stay on their laptops in bed, it does not mean it cannot have other uses. You can use a lap desk just as well when you are on the couch or on a blanket in the backyard. A laptop will always need a flat surface to stay on properly, and a lap desk is precisely that.

What to consider when looking for the best lap desk?

If you decided that you need a lap desk, now you must learn how to choose the best one for you. It not a challenging task, but there are so many of them, and you need some criteria to filter through. If you have no idea what to consider, take a look at the list below.

  • Design – as you can imagine, there is more than one type of lap desk. Some are simple flat surfaces that have pads underneath for your comfort, while others have legs and are foldable. It is entirely up to you which one you go for, but the latter design is more expensive. Even so, in my experience, the foldable lap desk is more comfortable. It is also better for your posture because the head tilt will not be very different from the one you have while you sit on a chair at your desk. Again, the foldable lap desk comes in many designs and has multiple useful features. Just decide on what you want and take it from there.
  • Comfort – holding a laptop on your lap is not the most comfortable thing you have to do, so you must count on the item itself to be comfortable. That is why you need to check several features that improve your experience. For example, lap desks that have a padded bottom will be more comfortable than the ones that come without. When we are talking about foldable lap desk, is the surface tiltable or not? You need to figure out whether or not you need those features, but my advice is that the more features, the better. Their purpose is to improve your experience.
  • Additional features – some lap desks have a unique design and provide additional features. One of my favorites is the storage compartment some models have. Other come with multiple. Generally, a lap desk that has legs has storage spaces such as small drawers. I even saw some models that have an entire drawer under the flat surface. Sure, that makes the whole piece bulkier, but I think it’s worth it. You can keep all the items you need on your lap in an organized fashion.

While there may be other factors to consider, I think I covered the basics. After all, it is a lap desk. How much can you expect from it? As long as it is comfortable and practical, the rest is just background noise. At the end of the day, the decision is entirely yours.

What are the best lap desks?

There are a lot of models on the market. Whether that makes things easier or more difficult, it is up to you. However, never buy a product without taking a close look at it. Read the specification and look at the picture so that you can make sure you are purchasing a high-quality product. Furthermore, reading some lap desks reviews online cannot hurt either. You can learn from other people’s experiences regarding the products they bought. If none of that feels like something you would want to do, choose one of the three excellent products presented below.

MavoCraft Folding Lap Desk

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The first product on my list of favorites is the one manufactured by MavoCraft. It is a useful, multi-purpose lap desk that will make working in bed a lot easier. It can be used as a laptop stand, but at the same time, it makes a great travel desk, breakfast table, bed tray, book stand, gaming desk, and whatever else you can think of.

One of the best features of this lap desk is the extra storage space underneath the desk top. All you have to do is lift the top, and you will find an accommodating space where you can store pens, office supplies, paper, and other small items. The top has a firm hold closure so that all your things are secured. You do not have to worry about tipping over the lap desk and your items flooding your bed.

Just as the title suggests, this is a folding lap desk. Whenever you do not use it, you can just fold the lap desk down flat. That way, the product does not occupy much space, and you can carry it with you everywhere you go. The items inside will not come out. You can easily slide it under your bed or couch after you are done. As for the construction, the MovaCraft lap desk is made of durable plastic.

Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Another lap desk that I think you will like is the one produces by Songmics. It has a beautiful design, and it is made of bamboo. You would think that this feature makes it very expensive, but not really. It has an affordable price. Plus, you get a high-quality product without spending too much money.

This item is multi-purpose as well. You can use it as a lap desk for when you work in bed or on your couch, but you can also use it as a bed tray, travel desk, and whatever else you may need it for. However, the difference from the previous product is that this one has 5 tilt positions that allow you to place your laptop or tablet in the perfect viewing angle. The guard plate at the bottom prevents your devices from sliding off.

The design of the Songmics lap desk is very well thought of. You get a mouse pad space that is not tiltable, and a small storage drawer underneath the mouse pad. You cannot sore much, but it is enough for some pens and your glasses. You can also put headphones in there or other small items. The construction is sturdy, and when you are done using the lap desk, just fold its legs down and put it away.

LapGear Clipboard Lap Desk

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Last but not least, I thought that it would be a great idea to present another design. This time, the lap desk from LapGear has a clipboard design that allows you to use it in more than one way. While you can use it as a clipboard for your papers, you can also use it as a lap desk for your laptop or tablet. However, the laptop cannot be larger than 17 inches.

One of the things I think you will like about this particular product is that it has a dual-bolster pillow underneath. They conform to your lap for more comfort and stability. The Airflow channel reduces the annoying heat generated by your laptop, and the flat surface provides ventilation.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, a lap desk that has legs is better than one that sits directly on your lap. I am thinking about your posture. So, if you do not use this lap desk often, you are free to buy it, but if you want to use a lap desk on a regular basis, my advice is to look for a lap desk that has legs, like the ones presented above. Other than that, this is an excellent product.

My recommendation

I believe that all three products are satisfactory and meet their purpose, but if I were to choose just one, I would go with the Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk. I love the bamboo, and the finish is exquisite. I also like the tiltable top. Considering all the features, I think this is one of the best lap desks you can find within this price range.


While a lap desk is a simple item, I think it is most useful. I have one myself, and I use it pretty often. It is a folding lap desk, and it is pretty comfortable to work on. I believe you will enjoy a lap desk as well, especially if you know you need one. One of the products above should meet your standards, and no matter which one you choose, I am sure you will be delighted. Click here to buy on Amazon

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